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pre-wired electrical enclosures

The electrical panel is an essential element of your PV installation. It is in charge of the distribution, control and protection of all electrical circuits.
Miklat technology has developed tailor-made electrical enclosures to adapt to the specific needs of each installation. All our electrical boxes comply with NF C 15-100 and UTE C15-712 standards.
We produce low voltage AC and DC electrical boxes.

AC and DC cabinets with surge arrester

The AC box is located downstream of the inverter, between the inverter and the EDF metering panel.

The DC electrical enclosure is located between the photovoltaic panels and the inverter. They prevent the risk of overvoltages in the event of lightning. The low voltage AC and DC electrical boxes or cabinets that we offer are made and tested in our workshops in accordance with current regulations. These protection boxes are pre-wired and facilitate Plug & Play installation.

Inverters – supported brands

Our shelters for solar inverters

Our shelters are at the forefront of technology and innovation due to their advantages